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Ascade AB

Ascade AB is a telecom software company which provides business operations systems for managing and optimizing business decisions and operations.

Hosting partnership for Estonia.

Baltic Offshore Kalmar AB is Sweden's only company specialising in laying, maintenance and repair of submarine cables.

We did a market check for them in Estonia and today provide them with administrative support.

Boardic is an international packing company using wood and wood-based boards as the main raw materials in packing solutions. The company is part of AB Karl Hedin.

We carried out a market check in order to map potential customers and identify partners in Latvia. 

Briox AB

Briox AB is a Swedish IT company which develops and sells cloud-based ERP system to small and medium-sized enterprises. The offering includes software solutions for accounting, invoicing, CRM, sales-support and time management in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

I was part of the launch team of Briox in Estonia ie. market analysis to identify business opportunities in Estonia, localisation of the software to the Estonian environment in order to correspond the local regulations and requirements in collaboration with the company’s head office in Växjö Sweden, setting up the Estonian subsidiary, creating the local team and customer base (bolagsetablering i Estland, etablerade samarbete med estniska och andra baltiska bolag).

Business Climate Survey Baltic States 2021. The study was conducted by the Baltic Consulting Team on behalf of the Embassies of Sweden in Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius in partnership with the law firm Glimstedt, Swedbank and Telia. 570 representatives of companies with Swedish capital, local companies with Swedish management, and other companies associated with Sweden in the Baltic States were approached in the survey.

IBSA is a privately-held pharmaceutical company headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland.

The company has established its presence worldwide through its local affiliates and strategic partnerships. At present, IBSA's global network consists of more than 90 markets in 5 continents.

IBSA strives to shape drugs into their best form, with the aim to stand out as the creator of pharmaceuticals with proven and superior efficacy. IBSA is strongly committed to enhancing the quality of life of its patients and preventing and cure diseases with innovative products.

IBSA manufactures all its products in-house under GMP conditions, with its production phases, all controlled through vertical integrated processes.

Baltic Consulting Team conducted a market study in the Baltic States.

Linxon is an engineering company built on 100 years of technology expertise, and 60 years of substation and electrification project experience worldwide.

The company combines SNC-Lavalin’s project management expertise and Hitachi Energy’s industry-leading technological knowledge to create something new by leveraging the key strengths from both companies.

Linxon offers engineering, procurement, management and construction services for execution of large, complex AC power substations and infrastructure projects with expansions in four main segments - Utilities, Conventional generation, Renewables and Transportation.

Baltic Consulting Team conducted a partner mapping in the Baltic States.

Protectionmaks is an innovative Swedish company which develops escape mask kit in order to protect people from the hazards of both toxic smoke fumes and fire particles in the event of a fire.

Baltic Consulting Team carried out a supplier search for Protectionmask in Estonia.