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Baltic Consulting Team Services

Challenges we solve:

Business Development in the Baltic States

Achieve Your Goals

With years of experience, our team possesses the capabilities and expertise to support your business development endeavors in the Baltic States - Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. At Baltic Consulting Team, we merge our insights, skills, and networks to refine your business processes, strategies, and presence in the Baltics.

Business Meeting

Administrative Assistance

Expert Guidance

Offering hands-on assistance to bolster your business presence and foster growth in the Baltic market.

Business Meeting

Assistance with Setting Up Local Presence

Where, when, why

Seeking to develop your business but unsure where to start? Need assistance planning or executing your next project? Let us be your guide.

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Market Monitoring

Your eyes and ears on the ground

With years of experience and extensive networks, our team possesses the capabilities and expertise to monitor market developments and interpret trends across Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

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Project Management

Grow Your Business

Baltic Consulting Team can be hired as your external project manager to run your project in the Baltics. Feel free to let us know about your plans and challenges so we could discuss how to move ahead.

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Provide you with Relevant Market Intelligence, Competitor Analysis, Partner as well as Customer Searches or Market Entry Strategies

Experts guidance

At Baltic Consulting Team, we specialize in gathering, monitoring, and analyzing Baltic market data, including market analysis, partner searches, competitor analysis, and establishment assistance. We then provide valuable insights to help you interpret this data effectively. Get in touch with us to learn more about how this service can benefit your business.

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Do you require assistance or a second opinion in Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania? Contact us today.

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